Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (2014/PG-13)

So there’s something you need to know about us at E-Mod 116, ever since 2000 movies totally suck (oh 1999 how we long for you and your wonderful cinema.) But while it’s steady diet of turds flung at you now, every once in a while (like 8 to 9 years) a gem falls in your lap that’s so wonderful you almost forget how bad cinema today has become, Guardians of the Galaxy is movie that proves the originality and creativeness you thirst for is finally heard if only for a fleeting moment. So first off what is this film? The answer is this is Star Wars with Assholes, in fact in terms of science fiction this film is in the same vain of Starship Troopers then Star Wars. We’re a sucker for anthing that is self aware of itself and Guardians of the Galaxy is basically a Marvel movie that is a parody of a Marvel movie which after 10 plus years of super hero movies need a good slap up side the head and a good natured razing. One of the best cameos in the film is Lloyd Kaufman the founder of Troma films. In fact if this film was realased in 1994 or 1989 it would have been a Troma movie and B-Movie classic like Toxic Advengers or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. So why does this film work on so many levels and hits that ultimate home run? One word, snark. Cabin in the Woods in 2010 did this flawlessly, now since everything in the Marvel Universe is connected, Joss Weedon co-wrote Cabin in the Woods 2 years before he made that little film called The Avengers.  This is probably the first and possibly the only Marvel movie where the main character says “They got my dick message.” Seriously that’s pure originality why doesn’t Iron Man say that, we need more jackasses in superhero cinema. Speaking of jackasses lets talk about the Racoon. Watching him makes this film also in the shades of Captain EO at Epcot, the ultimate in 80s cheesey cool. Staying back in the 80s, the sound track is one of the best since the 1998 film 54. Let us be honest, good music stopped in 1995 let the music from 1974 forever reign. Seriously with so much originality and creativity bursting at the seams in this cinematic masterpiece it makes movies fun again and the reason why film is the perfect blend of entertainment and art.

Rated: PG-13 

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.5 out of 5.9


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