Review : Santa Clause The Movie (1985/PG)

It’s Christmas time (or Xmas for those who watch Futurama or too lazy to spell, hey we hear you on that last one) so let’s bring some Yuletide reviewing and look at Santa Clause : The Movie. This year throughout December or back on July 25th, this film ran on the channel Movies! if you’ve never heard of it here’s the url of there website long story short (too late) it’s an over the air Turner Classic Movies and it does a fantastic job of delivering high quality content. Anyway enough prasing the channel airing it lets do some reviewing. This film is created by the same producers who brought you the 1978 film Superman, and director who brought you Jaws…………… 2. Ok so it wasn’t the really good Jaws but sill better then Jaws 3-D and Jaws 4.  With all that going for it, this film seems like a sure fire winner….. well it wasn’t, critics (of 1985 hated it) but Gen X kids watched it non stop on HBO. This leads to question is this film good or bad? The answer techinally it’s bad with a lame story and stereotypical 80s cliched characters, but at the same time it’s fantastic because of the actors in the movie. Let’s start with John Lithgow, who plays the over the top villian. Lithgow can take any role and make it pure gold, Gen X loves him. Harry and the Hendersons, Footlose, The Twilight Zone: The Movie, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, and Shrek, that alone is a total gold filmography and every part is pure enjoyment even a crummy script and story line this one was turned into pure entertainment. The same can be said about late Dudley Moore, yes the film 10 totally sucked (proof not everything Blake Edwards did was comic gold, like the Pink Panther movies) but this film he came off as so charming and full of energy you literally wanted his character Parch to come hang out with you. Hey what about the story your asking to yourself (or not we’re not a freaking mind reader here) well just like Superman also produced by the Salkinds the plot is rather basic (in Superman is was real eastate scam) this time it’s a Toy Maker that wants to rebuild his bad PR. That alone would make people run from the theater, but just like Gene Hackman and Christoper Reeve were fantastic actors who made the mundaune totally entertaining and an instant classic, John Lithgow and Dudley Moore step up here and make an instant holiday winner that Gen X folk totally love (remember when we watch it we see through the eyes of the first time we saw it on HBO or VHS when life was fun and simple yes we’re totally biased but that’s how most movies make or loose there money.) So go see if Movies! is on the air in your market or if it’s for rent on Apple TV and enjoy Santa Claus : The Movie.

Rating : PG (honestly should be rated G)

Score on a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 4.5 out of 5.9.


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