Review : Scrooged (1988/PG-13)

Look right off  the bat were not going to say we dislike Bill Murray in films, but we kind of think he’s got his head up Wes Anderson’s ass now (we saw Rushmore and someone owes us $7.50.) That said let’s go back to the 80s when Bill actually gave a damn. In 1988 Murray teamed up with Richard Donner, yes the director of Lethal Weapon 1,2, 3, and the meh it’s ok 4. Also he directed a little film you may have heard of called Superman. So why on earth would these two people team up to make a movie, let alone a Christmas movie? The answer is simple, Scrooged much like Bad Santa is the anti-Christmas movie. In fact this film along with Mickeys Christmas Carol, and the 1984 film starring George C Scott (an actor who you should totally respect because he said the Oscars were “a goddamn meat parade”) is one of the best tellings of A Christmas Carol Story, this one however is a fresh modern twist. Let’s focus on what makes this so funny, Bill Murray plays Francis Xavier Cross a television executive, yes this was relased in 1988 but honestly since then NOTHING has changed in the world of television, in fact the story in the story the live performance of A Christmas Carol could be analogous with the Sound of Music Live or Peter Pan Live, both would have been equally better with Buddy Hackett, Jamie Farr, and Mary Lou Retton. The dark irony is also delicious as the network standards and practices berates the production for having dancer outfits that “you can clearly see her nipples” (remember when that is what the PG-13 rating was for) only to be comically injured in cartoony ways and always screaming “ohhhhhh shiiiiit!” In fact the irony and down right live action cartoon feel of the movie makes it so enjoyable, from Ghost of Christmas Present beating up Frank with a Toaster, to Bobcat Goldthwait literally transforming himself from 80s corporate brown nose yuppie to manic shot gun wielding loon akin to how you used to seeing him Police Academy 2 or Shakes The Clown. This might be the only no scratch that the only Christmas movie to ever use the line “He just called you a flaming butthead.” that you start crying so hard from laugher you have to pause and rewind the film just catch your breath and hear the punch line to the fantastic joke. In short you know the story so why not see it when the story has some teeth. Bill Murray is a comic genius as he gave us Dr. Peter Venkman no matter how much Wes Anderson is trying to destroy that. Scrooged is a true holiday classic and film that doesn’t age even if it’s set in 1988. Oh did we mention Karen Allen from Raiders of the Lost Ark has a role in this film? She’s both talented and attractive back when both were common in movies, that alone is reason to watch this holiday masterpeice.

Rating : PG-13

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.5 out of 5.9


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