No apologies for spoilers.

E-Mod 116 Online prides itself on being perpetually stuck in 1987 (flying in the face of that fact reviews were posted of films released in 1988 and 2014 as of this writing.) That said time to talk about spoilers and why most reviews on here will feature them. The main issue when the bulk of the films reviewed are over 20 years old, by sheer chance you’ve probally caught part of the movie on television randomly. Not seeing a movie that Gen X (1961-1981 for the culturally impared) by sheer memory can recite word for word is your fault. When a movie is really bad or a rant about a director or screen writer or actor happens, yes films will be spoiled to use as facts to back up the claim (honestly get ready to expect every movie Ron Howard has done to be spoiled sans Apollo 13 as everyone knows how that ended.) Put it this way when movies give E-Mod 116 Online back the time and money wasted on cinematic turds watched the spoilers will end.


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