Review: Inspector Gadget 2 (2003/G)

Back in 1999 when E-Mod 116 Online was a website (edited and maintained by using Netscape Composer for Windows 95) we reviewed Dark Frontier, a Star Trek: Voyager TV movie. That set the rules that films could get a review even if they were not originally released into theaters first. That said, on with the direct to VHS/DVD film Inspector Gadget 2. So the main question did we review the first film that got a theatrical release in 1999? The answer is yes, we also gave it a positive review, and did note it was based on the cartoon. When it comes to based on the cartoon this is where Inspector Gadget 2 actually excels at, it feels like a true live action cartoon. What about French Stewart now playing Inspector Gadget vs Matthew Broderick of the first film. In all honesty French Stewart is a better fit for playing Gadget you could feel him channeling Don Adams, while he didn’t have the Don Adams style voice used in the cartoon he did have a that silly, Get Smart quality silliness you saw in both shows. The plot is hackney typical kids movie, which in this case is fine as thats what it is, most films fail when they try to be more then what they are not with there plot. Other highlights are Penny and Brain having a bigger role in this film then the first, Dr. Claw being more menacing like the cartoon. The Gadgetmobile is back thats a big plus as he (well it) stole the show in the first film. Weaknesses however are the one note style Chief Quimby and City Mayor characters, and that story is set in Riverton, Ohio and not Metro City, USA like the cartoon. Bottom line if you see it on demand like Netflix, give it 90 minuets and watch it, if your Gen X you grew up with the cartoon so its instant nostalgia.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 4.0 out of 5.9.


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