Bad Commercial Bashing Bandwagon: Nissan’s Super Bowl XLIX Ad

At E-Mod 116 Online we view ourselves as usually the lone voice in the world of pop culture that screams “The Emperor has no clothes.” However for once when it comes to sonething totally hated, this time we’re not alone. First lets get it out of the way, Nissan is  company who has shit warranties for thier vehicles, and hasn’t made a car that anyone would be excited to buy since 1998! There we said it, now on to why we’re here, the goddamn abortion of an ad, the Super Bowl XLXI commercial. Cue the song Cat’s In The Cradle and look it’s a couple having a baby, oh wait the father has leave, he’s a big important race car driver. Fifteen more seconds of horse shit play while they are banging you over the head he’s an absentee father. Oh by the way notice no mention that the commercial is trying to sell Nissan. In fact this negative review has done more to sell Nissan, and it didn’t cost anyone $2.5 fucking million dollars! Honestly lets just fast forward here, because he’s an asshole absentee father race car driver (one is not nessesarly related to the other) he wrecks his car, while wife is watching on TV, because yeah your not at the race why, and bullshit it’s because the kid has to stay home, most professional drivers have RVs for that instance. Look bottom line as were already turned off enough by this, the kid grows up to be a race car driver, but the ad has manipulated your emotions so much, you rather drive to a Nissan dealership, yell at them for this stupid commercial then drive down the street and buy a Kia.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 this commercial got at 1.0 out of 5.9


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