Review : Big Hero 6 (2014/PG)

Back in 1992 Disney produced by far the best film ever in it’s library, Aladdin so after 20 plus  years Disney once again hits a giant homerun with a film so character driven it excels on all levels we are talking about Big Hero 6. First off let’s get one big issue out of the way, John Lasseter being the executive producer of this film was taking many pages from the Pixar playbook of manufactured melow drama, which in itself is what butchered Toy Story 3 (and of course the abortion of a screen play written by cinematic anti-christ Michael Arndt.)  When you’ve been running the same schtick since 1995 it turns stale real fast. While we’re at it, the ending is a little too much in shades of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (one day we’ll tell you our issues with that film) so that does prevent it from ever overtaking Aladdin as the best Disney film ever made. So we slapped around the executive producer and the ending so why did we say we are giving this film such high praise? Simple that answer is Baymax. Just like Genie in Aladdin, or Sebastien in The Little Mermaid, Baymax is a rare character that comes a long and just makes the whole story work. He’s funny by being the straight man and being a walking PSA message, much like Number 5 from Short Circuit. It’s the huggable design of Baymax that makes him a fan favorite, a design that makes you ask “Why can’t I have my own healthcare companion?” Much like Data from Star Trek learns about humanity, so does Baymax, but his mission is to help all of humanity. The other major element of this film is that it’s a Marvel movie (right down to a Stan Lee bit part) basically it’s an animated Avengers, complete with fanboy Fred announcing the teams origin story. It’s that uniqueness that is what makes this film a winner no matter how much Lasseter is trying his hardest to cram the Pixar book of melowdrama down its throat.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.7 out of 5.9

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2 thoughts on “Review : Big Hero 6 (2014/PG)

  1. Nice review! And you use a rather interesting scale; where do you get the inspiration to use the 1.0 to 5.9 scale from? And yes, Aladdin will still remain the BEST Disney animated film. I have lots of posts about Aladdin and other Disney films as well, so do check out my blog!

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