Friday Special : Frequently Asked Questions

Were content creators, so we know it’s a bit of a one way street when it comes to the blog. We know you have questions. We do to, but while we answer our questions with reviews we know that’s not the case for everything, so today we present a special Friday post, Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Why are posts always on Tuesdays, and seem to only be on Tuesday?

A: Unlike most blogs / sites that flood with content then go quiet for weeks at a time, E-Mod 116 Online has elected to use a stritct scheduling release window so every week there is fresh content posted. Sure every now and then you’ll get a bonus post like this one another day of the week, but we strive to be here every week for you. 

Q: If the reviews are scheduled so methodically are they fresh?

A: This is the ace up our sleve, the upside to reviewing a movie or TV show that is 20 or 30 years old is that topicality is not an issue, that means when a review is posted it may have been written weeks or even months ago. However we are not ones to let topically pass us by, in the rare instance we do review something current we post it that Tuesday and will bump or slide around other reviews to maintain the once a week release pattern.

Q: Why are the TV Show Reviews more negitive and snarky in tone then the Movie Reviews or Theme Park Reviews?

A: TV Shows have become either highly serialized for drama or awkward for comedy. E-Mod 116 Online is from the world of cinema, however to branch out over the past 20 years we’ve added TV Shows, that being the case because people binge watch so much today, idiotic TV executives, and show runners think it’s fine to drag out a story for 13 or 22 episodes. We don’t review things that way, we view it that is equivalent of being forced to watch a 13 hour or 22 hour movie, as such TV Shows get the brunt of our complaining and bad reviews, and will remain that way as long as TV shows stay serialized or think akward is the only way to do comedy.

Q: How does requesting a review work?

A: Simple, starting with the review of Big Hero 6 at the bottom we have link to the E-Mod 116 Online Facebook page it looks like this 

Like E-Mod 116 Online on Facebook and tell us what you like us to review.

E-Mod 116 Online on Facebook

Simply click on the link, like us, and fire off and email or text message from there on what you like to see reviewed (we promise we won’t make you wait months to see it posted.)


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