Review : Star Trek 2 (1982/PG) vs Star Trek 12 (2013/PG-13)

The Wrath of Khan is overrated, Nicholas Meyer didn’t save Star Trek, and Harve Bennett only spent less money to make Paramount more money! There we said it and we feel so much better about everything. Look there is great Star Trek movie but that’s another review but this one isn’t it. For now let’s compare the twos, Star Trek 2 vs Star Trek 12. Short answer Star Trek 12 is far superior, the long answer however is a text book case on how to fix every screw up Star Trek 2 did. So what is it that 12 fixed? Simple, Kirk and Khan met face to face and interacted, that’s was biggest fault of Star Trek 2. That alone wouldn’t have that big of an issue if Nicholas Meyer on the Star Trek 2 DVD didn’t make a comment how they never get to meet. Considering he wrote the damn screenplay uncredited, he’s the reason they didn’t (be glad he co-wrote Star Trek 4 and Star Trek 6, that kind of crap doesn’t happen.) Star Trek 12 also succeeds as the plot is way tighter and reboots the Khan story and doesn’t tie to the TV series. Star Trek 2 failed miserably as this because basically tries to shoehorn the Space Seed episode and does a piss poor job of it (did anyone watch the TV show before writing the script to Star Trek 2?) Major plot points of Star Trek 2 that made us scream bullshit for years were crew (who weren’t federation to start with just Khan’s people) of the Reliant fixing there engines while Enterprise is limping along for whole movie til the very end since yeah why would anyone on the ship fully trained and serving years in the federation not know how to fix the ship. Another plot point is Ceti Alpha Six exploded and Ceti Alpha V went to shit. Nicholas Meyer directed and co-wrote Star Trek 6, its first shot is a planet exploding and federation damn well knew that happened how did no one know or even realize a planet exploded and screwed up the orbit of another one! Star Trek 2 contained no Klingons, seriously how do you leave out the best villans of trek? Star Trek 12 actually has an extended scene on the Klingon world Kronos, with Kirk and Khan. Where Star Trek 2 also failed was bullshit cat and mouse games, Star Trek 12 proves people don’t want games they want results. So what about the end of Spock dying vs Kirk dying. Star Trek 2 was all about death and let’s wait 2 years for a sequel, while Star Trek 12 wrapped it all up in 2 hours and didn’t say wait 4 years for Star Trek 13. Honestly in the end only Star Trek Generations has angered us more in piss poor knowledge of source material, script story, and all around execution of everything. Star Trek 12 was basically a proper remake, when the only gripe was “Needs more Karl Urban as Dr. McCoy.” It’s like yes they finally did it, they finally made a proper Khan movie.

Star Trek 2 Trailer (Paramount Pictures/1982)

Star Trek 12 Trailer (Paramount Pictures/2013)

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 

Star Trek 2 got 1.4 out of 5.9 

Star Trek 12 got a 5.2 out of 5.9

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