Review : Blizzard Beach

Walt Disney World is home to four theme parks. Yet what counts in the definition of theme park? If it has rides, and is part of a ticket plan does it count? The answer is yes, and the number is now raised to six, as were counting the two water parks as well (River Country how we mourn you) so grab your towel and sunscreen as we hit Blizzard Beach! So right off the bat the word beach is streaching it a tad bit, as the only beach is by the wave pool and a few quiet lounge areas in the back of the park by the lazy river. The rest is nice firm concrete so after a day of walking around barefoot, the soles of your feet will be screaming. While we’re on screaming, yes we know it’s located in Orlando, Florida and yes it was 89 for a high the day we visted, however if the water is heated, people shouldn’t be yelling when they first get in “It’s too cold!” Seriously Disney you got the money for the power bill, turn the water heater thermostat up. Your probally saying to yourself “But cold water is refreshing so I’ll take the plunge, take me on some rides!” Fair enough, we’ll give higher marks to the rides we went on, such as Runoff Rapids, and Snow Stormers (however the mat launch is tricky with body weight and flow of water under the mat.) The wave pool Melt-Away Bay was decent however we recomend the one at Aquatica which is owned by SeaWorld. Same could be said with the Cross Country Creek lazy river, Aquatica also has a better rapids version. What else did we learn from this park? Seriously tourists need to wear a rash guard, and not everyone needs to wear a bikini, and if you had three kids, maybe you don’t need to have that navel piercing anymore, look you might be on vacation but don’t scar everyone else because you can’t flaunt anymore what you could when you were 22.  

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 3.9 out of 5.9
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