Friday Special : 57 minutes after the hour, serlized TV drama’s crutch.

We hate hour long serlized TV drama. Not only has it killed broadcast, cable, and premium TV shows (yeah we’re including you to Netflix) they are basically time sponges. The golden rule we have is “Respect our time.” and the big issue is they don’t and never will. So why is that? Simple the whole episode in effect is to drag the story out 13 or 22 episodes and basically beholden to a small little exchange that makes whole plot clumsily lurch forward at 57 minutes past the hour. Basically it’s no diffrent then porn, it’s all tease and that one money shot. Honestly we think at least porn has better plots and isn’t serialsized (well aside from Biggest Gang Bang in the Universe 27, and All Anal Olympics 19) unlike most of the horse shit that passes for TV drama today. Look the main issue is have an underlying ark for the whole season, but make it fucking more subtle! Are TV shows so afraid to do single episodes again because people might not watch next week? Hmm to us that sounds like over all bad writing and weak over all characters. But in the end by suckering you into watching 57 minuets for one teaseable line, TV drama has become not only lazy but insulting to you as the viewer.

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