Friday Special : Cylde & Seamore – Sea Lion High (SeaWorld Orlando)

Look lets get this out of the way we don’t care if you have song opinions against SeaWorld because you watched that stupid, biased, horse shit documentary Blackfish. This review is not about those damn whales it’s only about the sea lions. We like SeaWorld it’s the park we visit in the summer as it’s the only game in town with our passes to other theme parks being off for the season. Ok everyone cool now? Good let’s review Clyde & Seamore – Sea Lion High. This replaces the previous Clyde & Seamore Take Pirate Island from 1999 which in itself replaced Hotel Clyde & Seamore from the early to mid 90s. Sea Lion High feels like a throw back and tribute to Hotel Clyde Seamore in terms of set design and show execution. Over all the new show is just as funny and of course just as cheesy. The fact the animals miss a cue every now and then and that the show is self aware about itself is what makes a total gem.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.3 out of 5.9

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