Review : Jurassic World (2015/PG-13)

We saw the orginal Jurriassic Park in theaters in 1993 and then the sequel The Lost World in 1997, honestly we liked the second one better as Jeff Goldblum character was the main star, and he stole the show in the first one. We do admit we constantly make fun of Jurrassic Park 3 becuase of the dinosaur that says “Alan” but at the same time everyone makes fun of that. So where does Jurassic World stand in relation to the other three. Honestly this feels like a reboot of the first one, just everything bigger, and more sucuessful. This time the park is up and running, and has product placement everywhere, which at first we were going to call out but then the film it self does. Damn it! The movie is self aware and took away some of our ammo to fire at it. Honestly this is a challange to review, as its a movie thats about a theme park, but at the same time a movie. Really this film had more in common with the movie Rollercoaster from the 1970s plot wise in a sense. But really how many different ways can you tell the Jurassic Park story? Had the first one never existed this would have been what the original would be. That said it still seems like it’s way to CGI which while groundbreaking in 1993 and to a lesser extent 1997, now today we’re all burned out by it, this is why we love 80s films as practical effects are real and don’t age. Once again we give high marks to Chris Pratt just like we did in Guardians of the Glaxay, still while not best character as Jeff Goldblum’s Malcom character in The Lost World he came pretty close.

Jurassic World Trailer (Universal Pictures/2015)

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 4.8 out of 5.9

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