Friday Special: TV Sweeps Crossovers. Hourlong drama’s shenannegans.

 Because we need something to grind our axe on, once again we turn to the gift that keeps on giving, the hourlong TV drama. It’s not that were mean just to be mean it’s that hour long TV dramas are the bane of our existence through poor storytelling and being serialized just to be serialized. It also doesn’t help that everything is trying to be like the overly criticaly aclaimed horse crap that’s found on cable television we call it the critic circle jerk because it’s just made for critics who don’t know what they are talking half the time and have their own head up their ass (we’re well aware of the irony that we are a website that critiques movies and TV shows.)  With that said what is it about the crossovers and sweeps that drives us up the wall? The answer is networks like to promote this like it’s the second coming of Jesus (Feb/May/Nov only, and NBC is most notorious for doing that) wow it’s crossover they’ll be in the show it’s like two-for-one know in reality it’s for one scene maybe two minutes tops. TV sweeps also means the bullshit weak plots and irritating and stupid melodrama are turned up to 11 and is firing on all cylinders at a red line RPM. The only good place for crossovers was Star Trek and sitcoms of the 70s and sometimes 80s but then you only had 22 minutes tops to get it all in, you got to the point where as hour-long dramas don’t, it’s just time filler or a time sponge. Which goes back to our golden rule respect our time and once again hour-long TV dramas don’t and this like most of there shenanigans is why they always get terrible bottom of the barrel reviews and scores from us.

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