Review : Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001/R)

Were here to walk through the View Askewverse, and travel across country with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. We’ve seen most of the VA films (Mallrats being the lone exception) and were originally introduced to Jay and Silent Bob in a theatrical setting with the 1999 film Dogma (which we’ll get around to reviewing eventually.) So it’s nice to see them be the leads in there own movie for once and it be a straight up stoner comedy, as much of other VA films are more angst ridden comedy-drama. So why do we like this film so much? Simple it’s a send up meta joke film that’s while satire a pretty true representation of the Hollywood studio system (it’s pretty much the same today as it was in 2001.) The breaking of the fourth wall with characters asking “A Jay and Silent Bob movie, who pay to see that?” With all the characters on turning the camera looking wry with writer director Kevin Smith playing Silent Bob smiling widely. In fact the casting is top notch, Will Ferrel has a major part as a wildlife marshal. Plus all the numerous bit parts for Hollywood directors and celebrities lampooning themselves and their image (circa 2001 that is.) Honestly it’s refreshing to see a movie give Hollywood a well deserved backhand and razzing because really we all want to do it at one point or another this film just had the balls to do it.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Trailer (Dimension Films/2001)

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.6 out of 5.9

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