Review : Wild Wild West (1999/PG-13)

We know what you’re thinking, come on Wild Wild West, isn’t that a very terrible movie? Well what is terrible considering the movies that will smith and Barry Somenfeild have done after 1999 (for the record we like Men in Black II.) but here’s what we think is the real story, critics who don’t know anything were looking to take down a big budge picture and they found one the problem is is that we didn’t know how bad movies post 2000 would be in hindsight this is actually a pretty decent film. But you’re saying it’s nothing like the TV show, true but we’ve never seen the TV show honestly we don’t even know if reruns of it’s are the air now or if it was on the air in 1999 (we actually brought this fact up in original review back in 1999. If you want the TV show go see the damn TV show.) To us this is an original story it’s almost men in black out west. Again we’re going to give credit to one person Kenneth Branagh, yes the director of Cinderella he’s also an actor he was also in the second harry potter movie and he does a great job as Dr. Arliss Loveless in this film and once again, one performance can save a whole movie. Taking this film for what it is, a big budget goofy cheesy comedy action film it works, trying to figure out anything deeper then it’s like why the producer is so adamant on a giant spider you’re going to be shaking your head at it. Bottom line it’s two hours of entertainment that’s all people want to be entertained if you want anything deeper you’re in the wrong ballpark we recommend go see it, a decent summer flick.

Wild Wild West Trailer (Warner Bros/1999)

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 4.1 out of 5.9

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