Friday Special: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert – An Exercise in Destroying a Franchise.

Stephen Colbert and his writers took the 22 year legacy of prestige, with class, and then basically raped it as hard as they could before killing it and flushing it’s quivering lifeless corpse down the toilet after dismembering it with a rusty broken hacksaw. In fact hack is the word that best describes what the “real Stephen Colbert” is. That piddly ass horse shit of playing a blow hard political pundit belongs on cable television back in 2005 where it made sense. Not on broadcast television where the overly loud obnoxious audience, who remind us of the later terrible seasons of Married With Children in 1995, make you want to throw the remote at the screen so hard you’ll break it because it’s easiest and fastest way to make it go away. WE DON’T WANT TO WATCH THE CLOBERT REPORT! We want the The Late Show. Three painfully unfunny minuets with a demonic skull as another unfunny excuse to tell who the sponsor was, is total bullshit and amateur bush league stuff. When we fast forward through a chunk of the show and deleted it off our DVR after only watching 27 minuets this is without a doubt the worst talk show we’ve ever seen. Even the order it was executed was wrong. Show open first, then the monologue, and for fuck sake hire a goddamn announcer, your not Craig Kilborn on The Daily Show back in 1998. True we don’t watch the Tonight Show even though Jimmy Fallon destroyed that by making it a show about skits and stupid games, but we stopped watching that in 1993 under Jay Leno when David Letrrman started his show, so since we never watched it we don’t care if it was destroyed, this show however we did watch. We hope the ratings for this drop and the affiliates revolt as that will be the only way the Late Show will be saved.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 1.0 out of 5.9

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