Review : Short Circuit (1986/PG)

Twenty two years before Wall-e there was Number 5, as a robot who came to life. While Wall-e was animated, Short Circuit is live action which gives it that touch of realism and believability. It’s the practical effects, namely of Number 5 being an actual robot instead of today where it be all CGI, that much like Baymax of Big Hero 6 makes the character a fan favorite. A side from just the effects, everyone turns in a solid performance, from the always talented and always beautiful (even still today) Ally Sheedy as Stephanie Speck who delivers one of the best lines in the movie in support of Number 5 “Life is not a malfunction.” To G.W. Bailey as Capt. Skroeder while techincaly the “villain” is doing what is right and would be done in real life, by hunting down and capturing a “malfunctioning” laser armed robot. Plus let us also not forget Fisher Stevens as Ben, who is from India (well actually he says his ancestors come from Pittsburgh) and provides the comedy relief by screwing up common English slang and always talking about women. He was the true breakout character of the film and that’s why he along with Number 5 are the two characters that are the stars of Short Citcuit 2.  But the sequel is another review, we’re still talking about the first one. This is an anti war message inspired by life that was created by something designed for war. We don’t know how life itself one day happened eons ago, but it did, and like Number 5 we all crave input as were machines in a sense (honestly we hope E-Mod 116 Online serves as input on some sort of level to you or any life reading it.) This is a damn  near perfect film, a sweet and pleasing story, characters that endure, and a timeless new classic that is always fresh and original.

Short Circuit Trailer (Tri Star Pictures/1986)

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.7 out of 5.9

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