Review: Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2015

Once again fall brings us annual events at the theme parks. Again its no secret we’re based out of Orlando, Florida (even we don’t know how we made it that long up in Jacksonville.) With all these theme parks once again we go back to our favorite park, Epcot (and don’t say that makes us biased, one day we’ll get around to reviewing the craptacular Honey I Shruk the Audience) and sample the sights, smells, and sounds (yes that will make sense trust us) of the International Food & Wine Festival. Like most of our annual traditions it took us a good few years to actually learn what were the hidden gems of the event. Let’s start with the best of the best, the Apple Ice Wine in Canada. Yes its $6.00 for a sample size glass, but its so wonderful you savor ever drop as you enjoy the smells from the other 30 booths that line the World Showcase Lagoon. Other highlights also in Canada are the fliet minion, which also while sample size is it topped with a delecous mushroom sauce.

Moving over to the wine apect of the Food & Wine Festival, another hidden gem is the beverage seminars and the mixoloy seminars. For $15 a person (less if your a season or annual passholder) depnding on the day you could be having a wine sampling, a rum tasteing, or a new product like we tried called Mu. For us we lucked out with our beverage seminar as we got a bonus glass of wine of an award winning wine from 2005, which had a delicous aged oak flavor. Honestly every year we look and hope that were there on a day they had an ice wine tasting that we lucked out and got to sample in 2011.

Earlier we said sounds, at a festival thats all about taste and smells,  this brings us to Eat to the Beat concert series. No we`ve already reviewed the Wilison Phillips concert in a Friday Special, while they were an excelent performance. Highlights of the concert series we like are Sugar Ray, and Air Supply.  Both  acts were high engery with Mark McGrath litterally running around the stage abd ampatheater in the audience, taking selfies with fans, while singing songs and after the show (only 30 mins but filled non stop greatest hits of all the bands who perform) posing for quick picutures with all the fans (we got a picture of him holding our Sharknado beach towel.) Our favorite is still seeing Air Supply every year. Yes the sing the same 4 songs but like Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, both Russel and Graham both leave the stage for a song or and sing in the ampatheater taking pictures with the fans  while they play and sing. In fact every year they always find a child with there family in the front row and present them a guitar pick, its those little touches that give them a touch of class, and all around respect. This year too they added a fastpass option for seating, which is a bonus for the shows as we like to be in the front row of the 5:3pm show. In years past we had to get in line at 3:15pm, this year got in the fastpass line at 4:15pm and were seated at 4:55pm. There is nothing like seeing yourr favorite bands fron the front row getting pictures when they are lierally one foot in front of you singing. In the end this is the best tie of the year to is the parks and this event is the reason why Epcot is our favorite of all the parks.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got at 5.9 out of 5.9

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Review: Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream Unearthed

October means the theme parks bring on there annual events. Six Flags has fright nights, universal studios has Halloween horror nights, and then there is Busch Gardens who does Howl-O-Scream. Look it’s no secret by now E-Mod 116 Online is based out of Orlando, Florida (hell our history even says we opened shop originally in Jacksonville) so what does it take to draw us out of the theme park capital of the world and drive the 80 miles west to Tampa? Simple one word originality. Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream feels like Halloween Horror Nights of 2010, before it became saturated with horror tie ins (like as of this writing four fucking years with the walking fucking dead!) We’ve actually attended Howl-O-Scream before, first time in 2012, and again last year in 2014. Yes each time we been some of the houses are exactly the same like Zombie Mortuary (which actually felt a little refreshed this year) and greatest hits if 2014 such as The Basement (which excels in its over the top gallows humor and gore.) This year the event has an icon and theme, which tied in and made a good use of the now closed Gwazi roller coaster. The scareactors are also more intense and louder that heightens then overall creepy feeling (the fact a constant cool breeze blew in from Tampa Bay the whole evening made it a perfect setting.) Homestly we wish Halloween Horror Nights would go back to its roots as Howl-O-Scream with its smaller budget, less days, and same houses, is in our opinion in the most original scary theme park event money can buy.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.9 out of 5.9

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Review : Fifty Shades of gray (2015/R)

okay, right of the bat let’s admit we’ve had a couple of drinks before we watched this movie. This is fine because it’s like showgirls where it has an awful plot, awful dialogue, and all-around awful characters. Let’s put it this way; One of the main characters said “I am 50 shades of fucked up”, which is the 2015 equivalent of the line “everybody got aids and shit” from Showgirls. This movie is downright terrible, bad plot, bad characters, bad everything, but it works because it’s so god damn fucking cheesy you just keep eating it up.  The main character has no tits and you never see Christian Grey’s cock, we think he’s uncircumcised so we’ll leave it at that.  Like showgirls it’s so terrible you watch it and enjoy it for the sleaze without a doubt this might be the best movie of the year and that’s saying a lot considering we don’t like films made after the year 2000.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 this movie got a 5.7 out of 5.9

Review : Clock Stoppers (2002/PG)

Remember Disney live action films before Pirates of the Carribeian was released? Yeah this is how the Nickleodeon movies entry Clockstoppers is. The film is one its not  terrible, but still it has more of a campy made for TV movie feel. That’s not a bad thing, but makes us wonder why wasn’t it just aired on Nickleoden in the first place. We like Jonathan Frakes as a director, and frankly we were disappointed that he didn’t make a cameo in this movie. Breaking it down as kids sci fi film it works, but as a standard sci film it comes up short. It good but forgettable, one of those you got two hours, then it will fill it for you.

Clock Stoppers Trailer (Paramount Pictures/2002)

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 3.5 out of 5.9

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Friday Special : Wilson Phillips Eat To The Beat at Epcot

Starting in late September every year and running through mid-November Epcot hold its annual food and wine festival. In the addition of having multiple kiosks with foods around the world a hard light of the event over the past years have been the annual eat to the beat concerts featuring numerous back from the 70s 80s and 90s. Well they’re only there for two or three days this time it was Wilson Phillips you want remember them from the early 90s and from that one scene and Harold and Kumar go to white castle. While the show is only 30 minutes long it was jampacked with all their hits including everyone’s favorite hold on for one more day. Of course it wasn’t just Wilson Phillips songs they know they’re from musical royalty so at one point they sang a song from the famous mamas and the papas group California dreaming. The three were entertaining enough without singing as they are used to California weather not Florida weather and said “nothing like singing in a sauna” in fact Carney at one point during the show between songs had to fan her legs because she was saying “it’s pouring down my ankles” and proving that they can sing through anything this year there were L ED screens behind the band halfway through the show they crashed leaving a nice black void however they didn’t even notice it and just kept on singing and still brought the house down. We will also comend Disney and Epcot for adding a fast pass plus this year so you don’t have to stand in line 2 hours just to get a good seat in fact we got there about 4:30  PM and got in at 5:00 and had a front row seat for the 5:30 PM concert. Now why do see free concerts which are included with your park admission, they’re only going to be 30 minutes so don’t go thinking you’re going to be seeing a multiple two hour set with numerous songs throughout the bands career. 

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.6 out of 5.9

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