Friday Special : Wilson Phillips Eat To The Beat at Epcot

Starting in late September every year and running through mid-November Epcot hold its annual food and wine festival. In the addition of having multiple kiosks with foods around the world a hard light of the event over the past years have been the annual eat to the beat concerts featuring numerous back from the 70s 80s and 90s. Well they’re only there for two or three days this time it was Wilson Phillips you want remember them from the early 90s and from that one scene and Harold and Kumar go to white castle. While the show is only 30 minutes long it was jampacked with all their hits including everyone’s favorite hold on for one more day. Of course it wasn’t just Wilson Phillips songs they know they’re from musical royalty so at one point they sang a song from the famous mamas and the papas group California dreaming. The three were entertaining enough without singing as they are used to California weather not Florida weather and said “nothing like singing in a sauna” in fact Carney at one point during the show between songs had to fan her legs because she was saying “it’s pouring down my ankles” and proving that they can sing through anything this year there were L ED screens behind the band halfway through the show they crashed leaving a nice black void however they didn’t even notice it and just kept on singing and still brought the house down. We will also comend Disney and Epcot for adding a fast pass plus this year so you don’t have to stand in line 2 hours just to get a good seat in fact we got there about 4:30  PM and got in at 5:00 and had a front row seat for the 5:30 PM concert. Now why do see free concerts which are included with your park admission, they’re only going to be 30 minutes so don’t go thinking you’re going to be seeing a multiple two hour set with numerous songs throughout the bands career. 

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.6 out of 5.9

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