Review : Fifty Shades of gray (2015/R)

okay, right of the bat let’s admit we’ve had a couple of drinks before we watched this movie. This is fine because it’s like showgirls where it has an awful plot, awful dialogue, and all-around awful characters. Let’s put it this way; One of the main characters said “I am 50 shades of fucked up”, which is the 2015 equivalent of the line “everybody got aids and shit” from Showgirls. This movie is downright terrible, bad plot, bad characters, bad everything, but it works because it’s so god damn fucking cheesy you just keep eating it up.  The main character has no tits and you never see Christian Grey’s cock, we think he’s uncircumcised so we’ll leave it at that.  Like showgirls it’s so terrible you watch it and enjoy it for the sleaze without a doubt this might be the best movie of the year and that’s saying a lot considering we don’t like films made after the year 2000.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 this movie got a 5.7 out of 5.9


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