Review: Epcot International Food & Wine Festival 2015

Once again fall brings us annual events at the theme parks. Again its no secret we’re based out of Orlando, Florida (even we don’t know how we made it that long up in Jacksonville.) With all these theme parks once again we go back to our favorite park, Epcot (and don’t say that makes us biased, one day we’ll get around to reviewing the craptacular Honey I Shruk the Audience) and sample the sights, smells, and sounds (yes that will make sense trust us) of the International Food & Wine Festival. Like most of our annual traditions it took us a good few years to actually learn what were the hidden gems of the event. Let’s start with the best of the best, the Apple Ice Wine in Canada. Yes its $6.00 for a sample size glass, but its so wonderful you savor ever drop as you enjoy the smells from the other 30 booths that line the World Showcase Lagoon. Other highlights also in Canada are the fliet minion, which also while sample size is it topped with a delecous mushroom sauce.

Moving over to the wine apect of the Food & Wine Festival, another hidden gem is the beverage seminars and the mixoloy seminars. For $15 a person (less if your a season or annual passholder) depnding on the day you could be having a wine sampling, a rum tasteing, or a new product like we tried called Mu. For us we lucked out with our beverage seminar as we got a bonus glass of wine of an award winning wine from 2005, which had a delicous aged oak flavor. Honestly every year we look and hope that were there on a day they had an ice wine tasting that we lucked out and got to sample in 2011.

Earlier we said sounds, at a festival thats all about taste and smells,  this brings us to Eat to the Beat concert series. No we`ve already reviewed the Wilison Phillips concert in a Friday Special, while they were an excelent performance. Highlights of the concert series we like are Sugar Ray, and Air Supply.  Both  acts were high engery with Mark McGrath litterally running around the stage abd ampatheater in the audience, taking selfies with fans, while singing songs and after the show (only 30 mins but filled non stop greatest hits of all the bands who perform) posing for quick picutures with all the fans (we got a picture of him holding our Sharknado beach towel.) Our favorite is still seeing Air Supply every year. Yes the sing the same 4 songs but like Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray, both Russel and Graham both leave the stage for a song or and sing in the ampatheater taking pictures with the fans  while they play and sing. In fact every year they always find a child with there family in the front row and present them a guitar pick, its those little touches that give them a touch of class, and all around respect. This year too they added a fastpass option for seating, which is a bonus for the shows as we like to be in the front row of the 5:3pm show. In years past we had to get in line at 3:15pm, this year got in the fastpass line at 4:15pm and were seated at 4:55pm. There is nothing like seeing yourr favorite bands fron the front row getting pictures when they are lierally one foot in front of you singing. In the end this is the best tie of the year to is the parks and this event is the reason why Epcot is our favorite of all the parks.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got at 5.9 out of 5.9

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