Thanksgiving Treat: Stuff Yourself with Great TV

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – 1973

Why watch it?

Aside from the comically bad voice casting (Peppermint Patty is voiced by a male actor which wouldn’t be so obvious if it was a low sounding voice.) But you’ll watch it for Smoopy and Woodstock making an unconventional thanksgiving dinner of pretzels, popcorn, toast, and jelly beans. 

WKRP In Cincinnati “Turkeys Away” – 1978

Why watch it?

What starts a slow moving run of the mill episode about a thanksgiving promotion is basically the equivalent to a rollercoaster hill climb. Once that crest of that hill is crossed it becomes Thanksgiving meets the Hidenberg disaster (minus all that unwanted mass casualties and death however) the sheer audio descriptions of the climax of the episode makes it appointment tv year after year.

The Simpsons “Bart vs. Thanksgiving” – 1990

Why watch it?

While we always admit the golden years of The Simpsons were 1992-1995, this is one of those early gems from season 2 when the show was more sitcom and less whacky cartoon that it is today. In fact this could be seen as an more edgy version of a classic 50s sitcom plot. Don’t let its age fool you, just because it aired in 1990 (on thanksgiving day no less) it’s still a contempary story that rings true over 25 years later.

The Goldbergs “In Conclusion, Thanksgiving” – 2015

Why watch it?

Wait your, saying to yourself, isn’t this the place that likes to rip current TV (or looking at the bulk of our reviews all TV) a new one? You be correct, however maybe because this show is set in 1980-something that it feels like a throwback to that era sitcom wise. Barry ofcourse steaks the show being well Barry in his over the top, missing the mark by a mile, but totally confident approach to telling the story of thanksgiving. Maybe because it’s based on real people you laugh because we all have someone in the family like that or who all been to a thanksgiving meal like that.

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