Review: Captain EO at Epcot (1986-1994/2010-2015)

Usually when one of our favorite attractions at the theme parks goes away that’s it and it never comes back. However this is the only attraction that ever got a second run at Walt Disney World more specifically Epcot. So how can we summarize this film (yes we are fully aware it only runs 17 minutes but it’s still a movie) The easiest way is think of Thriller meets Star Wars, actually don’t just think it, believe it, because really it is Thriller meets Star Wars. It’s shooting production happened in 1986, Star Wars (actually Return of the Jedi) and Thriller came out only one year apart which other in 1983 and 1982 respectively. Yes the plot is cheesy and hackneyed they have to go to an alien planet to give the supreme leader “a gift.” The “alien characters” look like background people from the bar scene in the original Star Wars and honestly the gift is just excuse for Michael Jackson to sing and dance which is what were all there to see anyway. So why do we give this film such high marks? Honestly it was the pioneer of the 4-D effect shows that you see today plus with it being produced in 1986 there was no CGI in fact at one point you can see the handle that’s working one of the pockets but to us it makes it more real your brain is going “Oh my God something real! It’s not fake tacky CGI!” We’re very happy that this came back in 2010 we weren’t fans of honey I shrunk the audience, in fact we hated that attraction with a passion. We don’t want to see this go but we know eventually everything has to end but for something produced in the mid 80s the fact that it still holds up, and is still entertaining, is what makes this a winner in our book.

Captain EO Trailer (Walt Disney Productions/1986)

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.9 out of 5.9

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