Friday Special: Fall/Winter Finales: How TV once again is driving everyone to DVRs

Long ago (the 70s) tv shows did 26 episodes a season that means mathematically every episode of the season would run twice in 52 week tv season. As the 80s and 90s came about that 26 dropped to 24 and now here in present day that 24 has dropped to 22. With 22 that means we have 4 less episodes a season and now huge content holes in the tv schedule. Over the past few years networks (both broadcast and cable) have been taking there shows and throwing the brakes on in December and keeping them locked away til March. Look we don’t watch a lot of current tv (primarily because we’re busy reviewing movies and going to theme parks) but we watch a shitload of classic tv shows and game shows on the digital sub channels. Let’s take The Jeffersons for example, there are 257 episodes over 11 years, because they did 26 a season. If they aired today they do 22 and run October to December and March to May, people wouldn’t watch part of the season because they wouldn’t know when they were coming back. This is why people are running to DVRs and Netflix, they are tired of idiotic show scheduling. Honestly it all goes back to the rise of serialized hourlong dramas which is what is wrong with all tv today. TV writers are all terrible hacks (as referenced by our other Friday special: 57 minuets past the hour) and can’t write one good hour of TV let alone 26. So they conned there way into only making 22 (or 13 if it’s cable.) Honestly the only show on TV right now that actually seems to be fighting the serial trend is iZombie (btw don’t think that’s immune to getting a Bad Writer Showcase profile) and the irony is, it will only have 19 episodes this season. Because we have these long breaks people just use there technology to create there own full seasons. Yet the networks don’t count DVR playback 4 or 5 months later so once again the networks stupidity of scheduling shoots themselves in the foot again!

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