Review: Spaceballs (1987/PG)

Hey look we’re reviewing a movie from 1987 just like our slogan! When this film was first released they’re only three Star Wars movies and everyone thought well that was fun when return of the Jedi released in 1983. This was a good nature jab at a cultural touchstone of the early 80s. In fact while Star Wars is the overall parody target sci-fi as a whole gets a good-natured ribbing such as alien and Star Trek. In typical Mel Brooks The movie is well aware it’s a movie by constantly breaking the fourth wall which makes it feel like you’re in with the joke. Honestly we saw this movie 10 years before we saw Star Wars (what we were just bigger fans of Star Trek that’s all.) what is the all-star cast including Rick Moranis as dark helmet, and John candy as Mogg. That make this movie such a fun fun classic.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.6 out of 5.9

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