Review: Bad Santa (2003/R)

“I am an eating shitting drinking fucking Santa Claus” that sums up Billy Bob Thorton’s character Willie, in what we consider to be the almost perfect anti-Christmas movie, Christmas movie, Bad Santa. The plot is simple Willy along with his partner in crime Marcus play Santa Claus in malls during the holiday season. Come Christmas Eve they rob the joint blind and spend the next year with their loot and planning the next heist. This film shows how Willys getting tired of it all much like we are with our jobs in every day life. It also makes him a three dimensional character by showing his glaring flaws and how he wants to turn his life around but is still basically just a whino. The non-PC profanity laden script is a refreshing twist to the warm and fuzzy Christmas movie. Honestly the word fuck is heard about 200 times and we actually think that’s not enough. We’re also praising the final performance of John Ritter as this film was released shortly after his tragic passing in the fall of 2003. Ritter is the breakout character playing the beaten-down mall manager. Honestly we would’ve like to see him have more screen time but we know with his death reshoots were impossible. Yes this movie is over 10 years old but it’s already a timeless classic that never ages plus you don’t have to watch it at Christmas to enjoy it because  it’s one of those movies that’s just a really good story.

Bad Santa Trailer (Dimension Films/2003)
On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.7 out of 5.9

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