Review: Star Trek: The Motion Picture: The Directors Edition (1980/2001/G)

Oh my god you’re saying to yourself could actually be for once are we reviewing a Star Trek movie and we’re not bashing the hell out of Star Trek II. We pointed out time and time again in our other reviews that this review was finally coming and after all that we’re going to take you down the road and explain why this is our favorite Star Trek movie. OK let’s get one thing out-of-the-way first this is a review of the directors edition that came out in 2001. When we review this movie this is the version we review because director Robert wise himself has said this is his finished movie. The backstory is the film had such a tight window to make that early 1980 release date that they literally had to release the film unfinished more or less. The other thing we’re going to tell you is yes we chastise movies for god awful pacing so why does this movie which is the longest of all the Star Trek movies get a glowing review? The answer is simple the soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith is what helps make this more of an event as if you’re witnessing and Orchestra performing on the film. Yes there are slow plotting scenes but the music and everything with the scenery and the actual being full rich views of space is what makes this film come alive. This is where Star Trek II  failed so miserably and turned itself into an action schlock submarine thriller with piss poor relation to source material. Star Trek isn’t about guns Star Trek is about exploring, this film is the closest they’ve ever gotten to re-creating the TV show only Star Trek V comes in as close second. If you’re only familiar with Star Trek the next generation films or the new Star Trek movies this is a hard watch for you because you want to action you want stuff in your face this is relaxing and a sense of awe and wonder. If you Champion yourself a real film buff then you need to see this movie or else you cannot call yourself a fan of Star Trek.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture the Directors Edition (Paramount Pictures/1980/2001)
On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.9 out of 5.9

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