Review: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (With Rifftrax) / (1982/2011 / PG)

Wait, wait, whoa, hold on a second, your probably saying to yourself, didn’t we already review Star Trek 2 along with Star Trek 12, back on April 21st, 2015? Yes your right, but once again since this one of the few movies we own that we hate (because damn it we need to own all six movies) this film is also the gift that keeps on giving with reviews. We’re actually not here to review the film again, we’re here to review the making fun of the film thanks to those guys over at Rifftrax. First off what is Rifftrax, you may ask. Well did you ever see the show Mystery Science Theater 3000 back in the 90s? You didn’t? Ok go take a lap we’ll wait… You back? Good lets continue. Basically it was a show where three guys (well a guy and two robot puppets) would riff on old moves while watching them. Fast forward to today and they brought the idea online by providing riffs for current movies, all you have to do is provide your own DVD or Bluray and sync it. Much like in 2012 when we tried it with another film we hate, Empire Strikes Back, we thought it high time Star Trek 2 got this treatment. Basically we all know we chastise this movie for piss poor relation to source material and fundamental lack of understanding of how the bulk of Star Trek works. The Rifftrax we watched finally gave this mediocre turd watchabilty and the humor made it a treat to watch as every scene brought in more and more funny off the wall jokes. Such as when Kahn says to Kirk “I’ve done far worse to you….” Mike Nelson on the Rifftrax commentary chimes in doing a Ricardo Mantalbon impersonation “I slept with your mom.” Of course we can’t forget the numerous “Oh My” George Takei references (for non Star Trek watchers his character Sulu never once actually said that in any of the shows or movies, it wasn’t years later til he did a TV commercial.) In the end if your a freak and like this movie (which you shouldn’t as we’ve mentioned countless times on here) the riff trax breathes new life in a 30 plus year old poorly written pile of garbage and makes it truely an enjoyable treat that can make it watchable something writer director Nicholas Meyer failed miserably to do with the actual movie.

Rifftrax Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn preview (Rifftrax/2011)
On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.5 out of 5.9*

*This is the Rifftrax score only, and does not alter the Star Trek II low score of 1.0

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