Review: Disney Quest

It can be considered the “fifth” park at Walt Disney World. We know you’re probably scratching your head going what no they’re only four parks at Walt Disney World, and you’ll be right, but this “park” was actually going to be a franchise around the country, we are talking about Disney Quest. The one that stands here at downtown Disney in Orlando Florida was actually one of two, the other one open for short period of time in Chicago Illinois but closed in 2001. The idea was for cities you didn’t have access to Disney World or Disneyland, honestly we think this would it work if it was in the cities of St. Louis and Denver Colorado not Chicago where there’s a lot to compete with. But enough about locations let’s talk about what’s inside. Honestly since it’s at downtown Disney not a lot of effort has been put into keeping it up with the times over the past 15 or so years and has a very circa 2002 feeling to it, well that’s not a bad thing the dated this is what makes people of little leery about it. However there are plenty a ride we went on such a cyber space Mountain which is actually a more intense version of the sum of all thrills at Epcot which didn’t openin innovations until around 2009, and unlike some of all thrills, cyber space Mountain actually will turn you upside down which is an awesome awesome feeling if you’re scared of roller coasters. There’s also a tie in attraction to the Alien Extraterroresrial Encounter attraction at the Magic Kingdom which is now home to Stichs Great Escape. The virtual jungle Cruise is pretty fun and there are plenty of video games for free such as Fix-It Felix Junior (from the film Wreck It Ralph) there are also plenty of arcade games you would find at your local Dave and busters and again they’re all free play. One attraction we liked was the Pirates of the Caribbean where using cannons that kind of resemble the ones you see on toy story Midway mania and also wearing 3-D glasses you Hunt after pirate ships and steal their treasure in a battle on the virtual high seas. While yes it’s true Disney quest will be closing we think it’s actually a fun place to go and honestly had a bit of Mid-America and not huge Chicago these would be all over the place today.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 4.5 out of 5.9

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