Review: Fight Club (1999/R)

When we saw the trailer for this movie over the summer of 1999 at first we thought hey cool its an action movie comming out this fall. Once Friday, October 15th, 1999 rolled around and  the lights dimmed in that theater, we got a plesantly surprised bait and switch. We didn’t get an action film about underground fighting, but a nice wicked satire on corprate america and overblown american consumerism (it rang true in 1999 it rings more true today.) The film works on so many levels, a favorite is Meatloaf playing Bob (Robert Paulson) the prepetual down on his luck loser, and  everytime there’s an act of violence its always featured with some consumerisim coporate logo in the background. Now add to all that, this film is also very metta so this is where pause button on your DVD/Blu Ray comes in handy. It wasn’t til we saw the film a second time in the theater that we knew where to look for the metta messages. This film is the pinnacle of 1999 epic movie gerateness, and makes its a true gem of social sature.

Fight Club Trailer (20th Century Fox/1999)
On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.8 out of 5.9

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