Review: SeaWorld Christmas Celebration 2015


No matter how hard that claptrap of biased malarkey Blackfish tried, SeaWorld Orlando is still here, still opened, and still thriving. Guess what we don’t care if you hate SeaWorld, if you want to tear it a new one you can start your own sarcastic tongued blog (call it F-Mod 117) and drink the drugged fruit punch of Blackfish. We will say it right now and say it loud and clear E-MOD 116 ON-LINE SUPPORTS THE LOCAL THEME PARKS IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA. They are the backbone of the local economy. Now as for the rest of you sit back, put a log on the fire (or AirPlay it from YouTube like we do) as we review the SeaWorld Christmas celebration. We do this event either the week of thanksgiving or the week after Christmas itself as the parks in Orlando are near capacity and SeaWorld is deigned to hold 2,000-3,000 people per show.


Now unlike other parks while place is decked out for the season the Christmas stuff itself doesn’t start til about 4pm so if your a pass holder like we are you don’t have spend a full day at the park during the peak time of the year, you only need to spend about 3 or 4 hours one afternoon. What did we like of the celebration festivities? We liked the ice skating show, the polar express encounter, the streetmosphere, and while it has been gone since 2013, we liked the Clyde & Seamore Christmas show. Of course if you get there before 4pm, the regular shows are just as good, from Pets Ahoy, to Blue Horizons, to One Ocean, and the newest Sea Lion High. Yes all the attractions the week of Christmas or thanksgiving are bursting at the seams but SeaWorld with its show centric entertainment is what makes this place a true jem to visit, no matte what some bias self righteous character assassination activating hit piece documentary tries to brain wash you with.



On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.0 out of 5.9

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Review: Zootopia (2016/PG)

Image copyright 2016 Walt Disney Pictures.

Big Hero 6 was basically a Disney version of the Avengers (yes we fully know Disney owns marvel so it’s a Disney of a Disney.) using that logic Zootopia can be said it’s a Disney version of Lethal Weapon (before Mel Gibson became an ultra Jesus freak hateful bigot.)

Image copyright 2016 Walt Disney Pictures

Yea it’s a buddy cop movie well half cop as one isn’t a cop. But everything that made the Lethal Weapon franchise so perfect is here in a PG rated form. The cop cliches are all around you in this fresh flick, and it works on all levels. It’s seeing it through the eyes of the animals we see ourselves in how stereotyping and prejudices reflect in our own society. Yes the plot is simplistic missing animals case that eventually leads to something bigger. But built on that simplistic is smart and well written buddy cop banter, seriously just take Riggs and make him a Fox and Murdock and make him a bunny, set it in LA 1987 and it still work. In fact the DMV scene is one of the hallmarks of the movie, with how it relates to our society and its obsession with time management. Other top plot points, are Judy going from fresh faced cop cadet to jaded parking attendant in a matter of just days like most people with their jobs. Disney scores again with a high caliber high concept story that’s easily in our top 3 Disney films with the likes of Aladdin and Big Hero 6. It is quite possibly the best movie of 2016.

Zootopia Trailer (Walt Disney Pictures/2016)

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.8 out of 5.9

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Review: Epcot Flower & Garden Festival 2016

Ahhh  Spring in Orlando Florida and that means one thing it’s time for the international Epcot food and wi….. Er um flower and Garden Festival.   

But let’s start off with the reason why this thing is like the food and wine festival. The outdoor kitchen’s scattered around world showcase. Actually they’re the same booths from food and wine but selling different spring time fresh varieties. Seen above is the delicious candy and strawberries sold in the China pavilion in world showcase. This is one of a dozen or so booths it also include the spiced rum dole whip and delicious pork sliders of barbecue persuasion in the America pavilion.


China’s not alone with their candied strawberries Japan sells Fruitshi yes it’s exactly what it sounds like fruit sushi. It’s something that cannot be missed a delicious highlight every year.


Of course it’s not all about stuffing your face the real attractions are the topiaries and the beautiful flowers that it’s scattered all around both future world and world showcase at Epcot. Well 2015 seemed kind a like a bust and a rehash of 2014 2016 is back in full force and this is the flower and Garden Festival we’re used to. The exhibits are getting more interactive and passholders have a special place to go this year to get to get a special gift each month of the flower garden festival (March April and May) which is a drawing of one of the classic characters in flowering garden motif. In addition as we having said that word many times before joining Baymax at Epcot in April 2016 the Joy and Sadness characters from Inside Out arrive in future world.


On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.6 out of 5.9

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Review: Howard the Duck (1986/PG)

Look right off the bat just like our Fifty Shades of Grey review, we had a few drinks before we watched this movie, but still we watched this movie over and over when we were 7 on HBO (yeah remember the first time they had the first run rights to movies from Universal) all the time so yes it kinda gets a protective shield. First off lets adress the elephant in the room the post credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy, Howard the Fucking Duck. So yes that means that even though it was released 28 years earlier in 1986 this was a marvel comics movie. Yes the story is shit, the script is basically too kid friendly, but yet at the same time this was also this movie showed duck tits, had Howard working in a bath house, and implied beastiality yet still had a PG rating (yes the same rating as Frozen, and Big Hero 6) which showed how that rating used to have teeth in 1986. Look what else can we tell you, Howard is a duck litterally pulled to earth, in the end he has to battle the over the top Rancor looking dark over lords. It’s executive produced by George Lucas (yet still better then episode 1 & 2) and co-written by the writers of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, so it inadvertently boasts an all star cast (most of them went on to bigger and better roles after this film.) it’s a great drinking movie and a fantastic so bad it’s good type of film that Gen X folks will love to watch.

Howard The Duck Trailer (Universal Pictures/1986)
On a scale 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.5 out of 5.9

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Review: Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Ahh its time to go visit the 4th gate, the 1990s park, the one techinally bigger then Epcot, but has about as much walking as on the Magic Kingdom,  located at the edge of the Walt Disney World property we’re heading off to Animal Kingdom.

So our first visit to the park was on a freezing cold day back in 2007 (yes it can get cold in Florida) we remember it was so chilly we bolted for the Magic Kingdom where it had more indoor areas to stay warm that day. But weather aside we came back a few weeks later when it was warmer and did the park properly, however while the other three parks got a weekly rotation, Animal Kingdom kinda, well we didn’t hate it, but we didn’t go as much. However don’t think this is an all bashing Animal Kingdom review, over the years the park has grown on us. Yeah sure it will always number 4 in our over all rankings of the park (with Magic Kingdom and MGM battling it out for second place of favorite park behind Epcot) but still we do enjoy coming here and doing the E-ticket rides, for a short day or a park hop day, so lets get to it and showcase what does make us come back to this park over and over.

Expedition Everest:

Yes we’ve been on the Matterhorn at Disneyland, however this ride blows that ride out of the water. When this ride opened in 2006, it became the gold standard for coasters at Walt Disney World (well ok Rockin Roller Coaster is equally good) take one part Space Mountain, and combine one part Big Thunder Mountain, and you got what is the next generation of E-Ticket coasters. While we can see comparisons to the the Matterhorn, we also can see what 1959 vs 2006 really is. Think of the Matterhorn as Batman Forever a living comic book style Batman movie, and think of Expedition Everest as The Dark Knight, a realistic gritty Batman movie. Both have a Yeti, both are a mountain, but Expedition Everest with its 199ft tall structure and top speed of 50 MPH, make this a ride we park hop to Animal Kingdom for, just to ride it, then leave (sometimes we take more time traveling to the park then actually spending in the park, once when we rode this with a Fastpass we were only there 20 minutes then we parked hop to another park.)


The west coast park visitors to Disneyland might know something similar to this ride, as over in California it opened in 1995 and is based on and themed after Indiana Jones. But while Walt Disney World had to wait til 1998 for this type of attraction, once again the Florida version is superior. This was slightly updated in 2001 and is now loosely based on the 2000 film Dinosaur (one day we’ll get around to reviewing that.) So while there is no Indy the track layout is identical, however just like Test Track and Space Mountain here, the low light levels and enhanced sound system make this fantastic 4-D thrill ride experience. Before Expedition Everest opened this was the E-Ticket attraction, yes Safari has always been the centerpiece attraction and with good reason because it has all those wild animals to look at, but its not a thrill ride, and this was the first one for all most a decade at the park.

I’ll drink to that:

Here is something intersting, ever wonder what Walt Disney World did with those old Fastpass distribution centers, once Fastpass+ began? Well the picture above shows the former one for Expedition Everest, and hey wait a sec is that bar? Yes just like the other two parks, Epcot and MGM, Animal Kingdom to does sell alcohol. This is without a doubt a brilliant idea. Why not turn more of theses old places to bars or restaurants, hell make them character meet and greets.
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