Review: Howard the Duck (1986/PG)

Look right off the bat just like our Fifty Shades of Grey review, we had a few drinks before we watched this movie, but still we watched this movie over and over when we were 7 on HBO (yeah remember the first time they had the first run rights to movies from Universal) all the time so yes it kinda gets a protective shield. First off lets adress the elephant in the room the post credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy, Howard the Fucking Duck. So yes that means that even though it was released 28 years earlier in 1986 this was a marvel comics movie. Yes the story is shit, the script is basically too kid friendly, but yet at the same time this was also this movie showed duck tits, had Howard working in a bath house, and implied beastiality yet still had a PG rating (yes the same rating as Frozen, and Big Hero 6) which showed how that rating used to have teeth in 1986. Look what else can we tell you, Howard is a duck litterally pulled to earth, in the end he has to battle the over the top Rancor looking dark over lords. It’s executive produced by George Lucas (yet still better then episode 1 & 2) and co-written by the writers of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, so it inadvertently boasts an all star cast (most of them went on to bigger and better roles after this film.) it’s a great drinking movie and a fantastic so bad it’s good type of film that Gen X folks will love to watch.

Howard The Duck Trailer (Universal Pictures/1986)
On a scale 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.5 out of 5.9

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