Review: Epcot Flower & Garden Festival 2016

Ahhh  Spring in Orlando Florida and that means one thing it’s time for the international Epcot food and wi….. Er um flower and Garden Festival.   

But let’s start off with the reason why this thing is like the food and wine festival. The outdoor kitchen’s scattered around world showcase. Actually they’re the same booths from food and wine but selling different spring time fresh varieties. Seen above is the delicious candy and strawberries sold in the China pavilion in world showcase. This is one of a dozen or so booths it also include the spiced rum dole whip and delicious pork sliders of barbecue persuasion in the America pavilion.


China’s not alone with their candied strawberries Japan sells Fruitshi yes it’s exactly what it sounds like fruit sushi. It’s something that cannot be missed a delicious highlight every year.


Of course it’s not all about stuffing your face the real attractions are the topiaries and the beautiful flowers that it’s scattered all around both future world and world showcase at Epcot. Well 2015 seemed kind a like a bust and a rehash of 2014 2016 is back in full force and this is the flower and Garden Festival we’re used to. The exhibits are getting more interactive and passholders have a special place to go this year to get to get a special gift each month of the flower garden festival (March April and May) which is a drawing of one of the classic characters in flowering garden motif. In addition as we having said that word many times before joining Baymax at Epcot in April 2016 the Joy and Sadness characters from Inside Out arrive in future world.


On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.6 out of 5.9

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