Review: Zootopia (2016/PG)

Image copyright 2016 Walt Disney Pictures.

Big Hero 6 was basically a Disney version of the Avengers (yes we fully know Disney owns marvel so it’s a Disney of a Disney.) using that logic Zootopia can be said it’s a Disney version of Lethal Weapon (before Mel Gibson became an ultra Jesus freak hateful bigot.)

Image copyright 2016 Walt Disney Pictures

Yea it’s a buddy cop movie well half cop as one isn’t a cop. But everything that made the Lethal Weapon franchise so perfect is here in a PG rated form. The cop cliches are all around you in this fresh flick, and it works on all levels. It’s seeing it through the eyes of the animals we see ourselves in how stereotyping and prejudices reflect in our own society. Yes the plot is simplistic missing animals case that eventually leads to something bigger. But built on that simplistic is smart and well written buddy cop banter, seriously just take Riggs and make him a Fox and Murdock and make him a bunny, set it in LA 1987 and it still work. In fact the DMV scene is one of the hallmarks of the movie, with how it relates to our society and its obsession with time management. Other top plot points, are Judy going from fresh faced cop cadet to jaded parking attendant in a matter of just days like most people with their jobs. Disney scores again with a high caliber high concept story that’s easily in our top 3 Disney films with the likes of Aladdin and Big Hero 6. It is quite possibly the best movie of 2016.

Zootopia Trailer (Walt Disney Pictures/2016)

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.8 out of 5.9

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