Review: SeaWorld Christmas Celebration 2015


No matter how hard that claptrap of biased malarkey Blackfish tried, SeaWorld Orlando is still here, still opened, and still thriving. Guess what we don’t care if you hate SeaWorld, if you want to tear it a new one you can start your own sarcastic tongued blog (call it F-Mod 117) and drink the drugged fruit punch of Blackfish. We will say it right now and say it loud and clear E-MOD 116 ON-LINE SUPPORTS THE LOCAL THEME PARKS IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA. They are the backbone of the local economy. Now as for the rest of you sit back, put a log on the fire (or AirPlay it from YouTube like we do) as we review the SeaWorld Christmas celebration. We do this event either the week of thanksgiving or the week after Christmas itself as the parks in Orlando are near capacity and SeaWorld is deigned to hold 2,000-3,000 people per show.


Now unlike other parks while place is decked out for the season the Christmas stuff itself doesn’t start til about 4pm so if your a pass holder like we are you don’t have spend a full day at the park during the peak time of the year, you only need to spend about 3 or 4 hours one afternoon. What did we like of the celebration festivities? We liked the ice skating show, the polar express encounter, the streetmosphere, and while it has been gone since 2013, we liked the Clyde & Seamore Christmas show. Of course if you get there before 4pm, the regular shows are just as good, from Pets Ahoy, to Blue Horizons, to One Ocean, and the newest Sea Lion High. Yes all the attractions the week of Christmas or thanksgiving are bursting at the seams but SeaWorld with its show centric entertainment is what makes this place a true jem to visit, no matte what some bias self righteous character assassination activating hit piece documentary tries to brain wash you with.



On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.0 out of 5.9

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