We’ll drink to that: Inside Out (2015/PG {wait how is this crap not PG-13})

Inspired by our reviews of Fifty Shades of Grey and Howard the Duck yeah two movies that you thought you never see in the same sentence, but ironically both released by Universal Studios. However once again we hit the bottle and journey into the Pixar world known as Inside Out. Right off the bat this film is running on that shoddy creeky Pixar playbook that is showing its age after 20 years (fuck, were 20 years old but atleast we still don’t use the same 486 to upload our reviews, yet ironically we still have a copy of Windows 95 to play our games.) So once again it’s a buddy movie, once again it’s a damn adventure movie / beat the clock movie. But hell we were loaded on 6 drinks by the 50 minuet Mark and our spouse was yelling at us were nothing but sadness because we bitch non stop about everything, that shit we face this film high marks. We wanted to hate this movie and we didn’t! We had six drinks (or was it 7) hoping to tear this film a new one one and we didn’t, so in the end fuck you Pixar, you scored again in our book and recovered almost from that Muchael Arndt abortion that is Toy Story 3 and that ho hum drivel that is Brave.

Inside Out Trailer (Walt Disney Pictures/2015)
On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 4.8 out if 5.9

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