Review: Back to the Future Part III (1990/PG)

Oh Bob and Bob how did you go so wrong and so off the rails (littearly and figuratively) with a movie that killed the whole franchise, and now all people remember about Back to the Future after part II is “Hey wasn’t there a ride of that at Universal Studios Florida?” People bitch and moan that LJN made terrible video games based on good movies, well this time it seems like this is terrible movie based on a good movie. Honestly why do we hate it so much? Frankly because this isn’t Back to the Future it is a goddamn romantic western film. Look if we want  western with comedy we’ll go watch Blazzing Saddles (and even that film while a western is basically 1974 in 1874) and if we want romance we’ll go watch Morning Glory or She’s All That. Look we know part II had to have Jennifer in the car at the start of the movie, because he end of the first one was basically a gag, and the creative team didn’t think they were going to make a part II or part III. But its sloppy tacked on bull shit forced melowdramatic  story that makes it unapealing and pointless.  Plus its also just lazy writing that again the DeLorean is stuck with out fuel (honestly someone traveling in time wouldn’t  be that stupid as to take extra gas with them, hell we have quart of oil in our vehicle at all times just like you have a spare tire.) Even when Marty himself says “why do we cut theses things so close” is showing that the series itself is getting tired of it all. We did like Back to the Future the animated series as that put a fresh spin on adventures and not a tired piss poor, watered down steam punk, westernized, bland copy of the masterpiece that was the orginal. Hell had this film been any good maybe the fucking ride would still be opened at theme parks today.

Back to the Future part III Trailer (Universal Pictures/1990)

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 2.3 out of 5.9

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