Review: Soarin Around the World at Epcot

We first rode Soarin back when it was the new ride in 2005. We also written it at DU CA, and saw a preview of what it will look like with 4K. So now it’s time to return to Epcot and witness Soarin around the World. Ever since say around 2010 rumors have started swirl that this ride will be updated to have more with the world showcase countries in Epcot versus a California only ride. Well finally in January 2016 the ride to close refurbishment in that time a third theater was also added. So the big question is Patrick Warburton still the host of the ride, the answer is yes. Well the original had breath taking scenes set to music with fast cuts,  this version of the ride incorporates more of a fluid story and has seamless transitions from one scene to the next this just like the new test track is a major improvement over the original ride. Wow the original was good with it being only California and that being all but meet at Epcot it did seem time to tighten world showcase this is how you do a re-Ferb right.

On a scale of 1.0 5.9 it got a 5.9 out of 5.9


Review: Ted 2 (2015/R)

When we saw the trailer for the original Ted back in 2012 we thought to think it’s either this is one of the most original ideas in a long time or this is single-handedly about to ruin septic darlings career. However the former versus the latter was true and although we thought the ending was sloppy we gavethe first Ted a pretty good review. Fast for three years now it’s time for the sequel Ted 2. We actually like this movie better than the original sure it’s still on the pot and read them or jokes but that’s what makes it so funny wants to give kudos to Patrick Warburton character being the boyfriend of a character played by Michael Dorn then going to a convention in a tick outfit and a tenant work outfit in being a crap out of nerds. The pop culture References are what makes the movie work. 

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 4.7 out of 5.9

Review: Deadpool (2016/R)

Hmm it’s R rated but still a Marvel movie, but at the same time it’s like Mystery Science Theater 3000 meets the X-Men, it’s Deadpool. Honestly it’s a brilliant film even if it is your standard origin/payback story you’ve seen a 100 times before. What makes it fresh is the character is Deadpool himself breaking the fourth wall and pointing out all the antics of superhero genre and how formulaic it is. Not since Guarians of the Glaxayhas there been a more refreshing and original take on the super hero movie.

On a Scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.2 out of 5.9

Review: Finding Dory 2016/PG)

Yes back in 2003 during our first decade we saw Finding Nemo is the theaters back when we based out of Augusta, Georgia. Now while it’s was running in the same Pixar playbook that wasn’t yet showing its cracks the formula worked. That in mind fast forward 13 years and we get a semi sequel, Finding Dory.

So far everyone has been using the whole Toy Story 2 vs Cars 2 in how this film should stack up, but we liked both those films better then the first one, so how about Toy Sotry 2 vs the rancid shit fest that was Toy Story 3 (yes one day we’ll get around to reviewing that.) In that case Finding Dory outshines the original in every respect, characters, locations, story, every single one is a winner.

Honestly less Marlin is more as his extreme nuriotic behavior was the major fail of the original movie. With this film much like Toy Story 2 you go to bigger and better places. Hank the Ocotpus is the new breakout Pixar character and he alone helps an ending that’s so over the top is an instant comedy classic.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.0 out of 5.9