Review: Star Trek Beyond (2016/PG-13)

We don’t know why everyone thinks Star Wars is the hot shit. There’s only seven of those movies and outer 13 (yes 13) movies of Star Trek. So how does this one stack up against the other 12. First off we can tell you it’s a hell of a lot better than Genesis and Star Trek to the wrath of con in fact this is one of the best Star Trek movie since first contact released way back in 1996. This one is all fun as a lot of good comity it and honestly we think Simon Pegg should just write every Star Trek movie from now on. Star Trek be on excels by giving all the character would equal things to do in the film. Of course our favorite is bones and it was a very Nice pairing with Spock. As for the villain yes it’s the standard sci-fi bad guy but that’s pretty much what is in all Star Wars and Star Trek movies now. This is the cream of the Star Trek crop and is worth a watch to rewatch it even buying on Blu-ray or digital. Best of all without JJ Abrams directing it there are no lunch Blairs finally we get to see what Star Trek look like againafter almost 15 years.
On a

after almost 15 years.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.6 out of 5.9


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