Review: Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom

When you make reservations six months in advance this better be the best dinner ever, oh yes we’re going there, it’s Be Our Guest at the Magic Kingdom.

We’ll be honest Magic Kingdom has ok walk up food and a great taco salad bar but for years Epcot was the place to go for fantastic sit down restaurants. Finallythe  changed in 2012 with the opening of Be Our Guest. 

Thankfully this restaurant lives up to the hype of the food it is delicious in every sense, the food is Epcot quality what you would see in the world showcase not the walk ups of the Magic Kingdom. Deeming is phenomenal everything model after the movie to a T the West Wing the grand ballroom everything is there the food is just the icing on the cake. Speaking of cake there is the infamous gray stuff it’s delicious we don’t know what’s in it but it’s delicious.

And of course the atmosphere pays off when you get an actual meeting with the beast himself now he used to meet in France at Epcot, whatever since 2012 when does restaurant open he’s now the exclusive location so if you want to meet him this is a must do to get your character fix.


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