Speed (1994/R)

Remember action films? Um no action films, what your thinking of is a comic book movie, we’re talking about good old fashioned live action R rated stuff from the 90s, and one of those gems is the 1994 Speed.  First off we’re totally going to agree this is a high concept film but no way an intellectual film. This film is a popcorn film through and through.  So what is about a film bus that can’t slow down in the middle of downtown LA traffic that makes it a winner? The answer is simple, much like the 1978 film Superman was basically a story about a real estate scam, this film like that one works because of its fantastic cast.  Keanu Reeves, and Sandra Bullock pull of the believable and relateable good guys, while Dennis Hopper plays the villain in such an over the top manner it works when they refer to his character in the film as “Crazy not stupid.” There is nothing really new we can bring to the table on this, it’s one of those films where everything just came together and it works.
On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.5 out of 5.9


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