Welcome one and all to E-Mod 116 Online. So aside from a name that makes no sense what is this blog about? Here’s the back story. E-Mod 116 Online was created in 1995 as a local BBS in Jacksonville, Florida (no we’re not located there anymore.) In early 1996 movie reviews of then current films began. Then in 1998 the whole operation moved to the World Wide Web because you know that’s where the action was at (By action mostly cnet, Yahoo, and porn. Compared to today which is cnet, Google, and porn.)  What made the movie reviews on E-Mod 116 Online unique was the snark and that a review of a movie might actually be about the MPAA giving a certain rating to the movie, the screen writer, or even the production company. In short it wasn’t about the movie it was about what makes the movie a movie that got reviewed. So why bring E-Mod 116 Online back over 20 years later when there are litteraly thousands of sites that review films? The answer is simple there are films on TV all the time now, and on demand at your fingertips with the help of you iphone or AppleTV. Why not review a film from 1987 (or any year) with a fresh prospective, to remind people of films long forgotten. And why not make them laugh with sheer biterness of a rant about a movie or a factor that made the movie, or total nerdgasim (yeah probally not a word) of a 20 or 30 year old film that is so full of cheese you want to savor it as a tasty treat. Welcome to E-Mod 116 Online, and roll the flick. Oh FYI we can’t spell or proof read for crap we couldn’t in 1995, 1998, or today, and autocorrect only makes everything worse, so why not have a drinking game of bad grammar and diction of this blog, it’s a fun way to get hammered.


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