Review: Jingle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom

Oh come on now your probably saying to yourself, how is this worthy  of a review, when Disneyland spends a whole month transforming the Haunted MAnsion out west. Your right on the surface this is a basi overlay and just a tweak of the script on the other hand it’s a breath of fresh or to what is sometimes a ride that is a little to much corn. Hop aboard as we go on the Jingle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom.

Ok so first off we said its a just a simple overlay so is it worth waiting in line 65 minuets without a fast pass?  Well we had a fast pass so we’re going to say no, however if your offered this attraction as one of your fast pass options as the E-ticket attractions at the park are ot available, then this is a welcome treat. We have in the past rode the regular Jungle Cruise at 1:15am on Feb 29th 2012 during the One More Disney Day event just to cross that off our list of unique attractions.

When it comes to the Jingle Cruise what can you expect? Short answer lots of Christmas jokes. Long answer however is a holiday treat filled with humorous corny Christmas puns peppered in with the Jungle cruise script. Once again like the regular ride the Skopper can make or break the ride. The day we rode our Skipper was funny, self deprecating, and totally into the role. Yes we know the job has to be repetitive with the same script over and over but breathing life into the hat script for a whole 8 hour shift is what can make this cheesy attraction a winner.
On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.2 out of 5.9