Friday Special: Odd Thomas (2013/NR)

Look we know we said we’re trying to be more positive when it comes to our movie reviews, but when a film pisses is off we’re going to yell and point fingers. Odd Thomas was a good movie until the last 2 minuets (give or take) of the film that like Into the Woods (don’t worry that review is coming) fucks it up so badly you have to watch a pallet cleanser after it (for us it was Reno 911: Miami.) So what did this film do so wrong to piss us off? As usual it’s another bad case of Star Trek 2 syndrome. The character Stormy dies at the end for no good reason. So let’s play the blame game, that would lie squarely on writer-director Stephen Sommers. How dare he pull the rug out from under us after we gave him 90 minuets of our time, it’s rude, selfish, and downright egotistical horseshit that makes us hard movies so much! Seriously this guy brought us The Mummy, and G.I. Joe, exactly how did fuck up so bad it’s on par with Michael Arndt. Yes everyone can argue “But it was based on a book so blame its author Dean Koontz.” Bullshit we say, so many movies are based on books (loosely based is more accurate) but they change details so much its an original story, so in the end the screen writer is the total asshole and to blame for this cinematic turd, that was killed by the last 2 fucking minuets!

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 1.4 out of 5.9

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