Review : 3rd Rock From The Sun – Just Your Average Dick (1998/TV-PG) 

Pretty much after 1995 TV has been downhill. So it’s rare to find a jem of a sitcom episode from so late in the decade that we consider our all time favorite episode of the series.  We will admit 3rd Rock From the Sun is a little one note and one joke with its aliens as humans, this episode stood out for being totally opposet of the basis of the series, the Solomon family being totally normal. While this sounds bland it’s that very blandness that makes it totally hilarious. The condo they move into is painted beige, they order steaks medium, and colas medium size. True to this episode airing in 1998 they wear dockers and polo shirts, that screamed middle America style. One of the most funny and what makes the episode work even today is Sally joining the HOA/Tennants association board and becoming drunk with power. Everyone who is a homeowner can relate to that, as there is always that one board member. In the end we know we always know we’re mean to TV shows, and scream at them for a whole host of reasons, but every now and then well actually then vs now, does an episode succeed by being a total parody of its own premise.

3rd Rock From the Sun – Just Your Average Dick Trailer (Carsey-Warner Productions/1998)

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.5 out of 5.9

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