Review: Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland

September 7th, 1998 is a sad day for us East Coast based theme park reviewers, it was the date the Magic Kingdom lost Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride.

But wait what’s this the ride is still open in California? Well then we’re going on a trip.

Yes just as we lost Mr. toads wild ride, and 20,000 leagues under the sea. Disneyland in California lost the country bear jamboree and the people mover, what still live on here at Walt Disney world. But how does ride itself hold up considering the last time we rode it was 1994?

Honestly we can we could lie and say nostalgia nothing to do with it but really we saw through nostalgia cover glasses. It was what we all remembered it to be a funny yet almost to the point of too silly and politically incorrect ride that would ever exist today. Now while Disney World had two tracks the original in California only has one(But hey we’ll take one track over no tracks.)

Sure the ride is lame by today standards but it’s that classic feeling that made us ride this over and over and over (well that and the fact that we couldn’t ride it back east so keep rideing and again and again and again because who knows were coming back)

In the end if you’re traveling from Walt Disney World to Disneyland this is a must do ride just like people who come from the west to the east have to ride people mover and see country Bears we don’t judge it because it’s good or bad it’s more of this is our childhood that we can’t get back but here it’s a way to relive those memories.

On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got a 5.1 out of 5.9