Review: Meet The Parents (2000/PG-13)

This year we celebrate our 21st anniversay, its time we go back and once again review of film saw when we just celebrating our 5th anniversary. We’ve made no secret that the year 2000 is what ass raped, killed, set the corpse on fire, put it out by pissing on it, ass raping it one more time, then farting on it for good nature, did to movies. But wait your saying, 2000 brought us such movies as Erin Brockovich, and The Road to El Dorado, but also it brought us Mission to Mars, Rules of Engagement, Gladiator, and Meet The Parents. Those are four of the worst films ever made and this is about the last one on that list. This is this is one of the few times we just have nothing to stay about a film. The one dementioal,wooden  characters, the stuipid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid insulting sitcom comedy of errors plot, that even the campy and hokey Threes Company in the late 70s and 80s would have found sub par. Robert Deniro and Ben Stiller playing so one note characters we had to try everything in our power not to just walk out of the movie  half way though it (yes its that bad we rememeber how much of a terrible experence it was all these years later) Jay Roach the director owes us $6.50 for this abortion of a motion picture, and we still can’t belive his name is on this putid pile of rancid horse shit, considering he directed the hillarious and comedy tour de-force Austin Powers trilogy.

Meet The Parents Trailer (Universal Pictures/2000)
On a scale of 1.0 to 5.9 it got at 1.0 out of 5.9

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